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Your Collection Solution, LLC is a debt collection agency specializing in debt collection services for New York including New York City and all of New Jersey. We provide collection services for the following...
  • Judgment Enforcement, both Consumer and Commercial
  • Claims you wish to place for suit, both Consumer and Commercial
  • Commercial Collection

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Collection Agency for New York and New Jersey

Collection Agency for New York and New Jersey

Your Collection Solution, LLC, is a debt collection agency specializing in debt collection services for the State of New York including NYC and the State of New Jersey.

Our collection agency provides services for the following: past-due commercial receivables, consumer and commercial claims for suit and judgment enforcement/collection in New York and New Jersey.
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Judgment Collection for New York and New Jersey

Judgment Collection for New York and New Jersey

In the event you go to court and win a money judgment and a judgment debtor does not pay, Your Collection Solution LLC, a judgment collection agency, offers professional judgment recovery services for NY and NJ.

Judgment recovery is often a complex process. There are guidelines and procedures that must be followed when filing paperwork, etc. Your Collection Solution LLC is experienced with judgment recovery and will provide this service to you. We will work with an attorney, sheriff, a marshal or court appointed enforcement official to attempt to locate and seize the judgment debtor’s leviable assets or garnish the judgment debtor’s wages if possible to satisfy the judgment.

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  • How To Obtain a Judgment
  • Finding NY and NJ Judgment Information Online
  • Judgment Enforcement
  • Wage Garnishment
  • Bank Levy
  • Property Seizure
  • Automobile Repossession

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