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Collection Tips

Avoid Delinquencies with these Suggestions

The following tips will help ensure more success with future collection accounts and possibly avoid debt collection all together:

  • Have a signed contract in place with your customer that provides the details of your agreement with them. Include payment terms and the consequence of delinquency.
  • Always provide your client with a copy of your contract.
  • Use an attorney to create a contract that provides the best protection for your particular business.
  • If cost is an issue, contracts can be purchased at office supply stores and on the web. Visit www.lawdepot.com. This site provides a tool to easily create a custom contract online to meet your requirements.
  • Make sure to ask for a current address, phone number, place of employment, business phone number and cell phone number. Depending on your type of business i.e. medical, dental, legal services it may also be appropriate to ask for social security number and date of birth.
  • Follow up! Update your customer’s records regularly by making notes of job changes, address changes etc.
  • Make note of a change in payment pattern and ask your customer if there is anything that you can do to help them manage their account, like setting up a payment plan. If you accept credit cards, remind them of that.
  • Whenever you make payment arrangements with your customers, always deal with dates and deadlines. Tell them when their file will be forwarded for collection.
  • Institute a series of overdue notices and document all dates and make copies of mailings and log phone calls.
  • Depending on your business type, running credit checks may be a viable option before accepting new clients.
  • Don’t allow your receivables to go beyond 90-120 days past due. Once an account gets to this level, refer it to Your Collection Solution, LLC for collection. If you remembered to include collection fees in your signed contract, you may be able to recover our fee.

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