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“As a business owner for the past 19 years it has been a pleasure knowing we have your professional support to back us in the collection department.

The few collection cases we have had always been resolved fast and painless. Your prompt service and attention is just a reflection of your customer service for your clients.

The staff here at Trojan Transportation thanks you for your support for 2006 and look forward to a new year. If all goes well I hope we don’t need your services, but its like insurance, its a comfort to just know your behind us in the event of an incident.”

Paul Liccardo, President/CEO Trojan Transportation, Inc. Rome, NY

Commercial collection means collecting money owed to you by a business. Our collectors are well versed in the differences in various business structures. These structures dictate how our agency will attempt to collect on your debt. Due to the opening and dissolving of businesses and corporate statuses being revoked, each commercial claim is reviewed carefully before demand is made to ensure we are pursuing the correct business entities and parties. We start the process with a ten day demand letter. If the business does not respond, we may make the recommendation to file a law suit. We have experienced attorneys who will work to file suit on your behalf on a contingent arrangement. You cover the cost of filing the law suit and any costs for the Sheriff/Constable/Marshal or Court Officer.

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