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Judgment Collection

What is a Judgment?

If you go to court and win a money judgment, you will get a copy of the Court’s judgment stating the amount of money the losing party must pay to you. The losing party is called the judgment debtor, and you, the winner, are called the judgment creditor.

“I just want to commend you on a job well done! I tried for many years to collect on this judgement and ran into many dead ends. I ran across your website and decided to give it a shot. I am amazed you were able to collect on a judgement that was close to 20 years old. If I ever have another debt that I need help collecting, I would certainly use your organization. Thank you for your hard work and keep the checks coming.”

Joe Scotto, Weston, Florida

In the event a judgment debtor does not pay, you may need the services of a collection agency who offers judgment recovery services. Many creditors find professional assistance with judgment recovery is often necessary due to varied complex procedures, filing proper paperwork, etc. Your Collection Solution, LLC collection agency can handle this task for you and will work with s sheriff, a marshal or any court appointed enforcement official to assist in locating and seizing the judgment debtor’s assets or garnishing wages to satisfy the judgment. The enforcement officer may request fees in advance for mileage and other expenses before he or she seizes the assets or garnishes wages. In some circumstances, these fees later can be added to the original judgment amount. Examples of assets, as each state law differs, may or may not include bank accounts, houses or other real estate, automobiles, stocks, and bonds.

How To Obtain a Judgment

If normal collection agency efforts fail and legal action is needed to pursue your claim, your approval will be required to proceed.

You may files an application in small claims however if the balance owed to you exceeds the Small Claims Court maximum we will assist you in finding an attorney who can pursue the claim in Civil Court for you. The attorney’s we work with work on a contingent arrangement. You are responsible for filing fees. Keep in mind to receive your judgment against your debtor, a judge or arbitrator decides the outcome of the hearing so we cannot guarantee or forecast the outcome.

Finding NY and NJ Judgment Information Online

It is possible to search most local township or county municipality Web sites, or better yet, your state’s Web site by using the www.state.#.us address (replace # with the state abbreviation). As an example, the State of New York Web site search would be: http://www.state.ny.us. Once at a Web site, look for a general SEARCH box and type either judgment, judicial, judiciary or courts to search the site.

Here are some search examples yielding judgment information for NY and NJ States:

Judgment Enforcement

Your Collection Solution, LLC can provide post judgment collection assistance in New York and New Jersey. Various options to collect a judgment may be available to us, depending on the state, are listed below.

Wage Garnishment

This is a deduction from the judgment debtor’s pay. The employer is ordered to deduct a certain percentage from each pay check. This percentage is in accordance with the laws of the each state.

Bank Levy

This is a levy on the debtor’s bank accounts, which includes but is not limited to, checking, savings and certificate’s of deposit. The levy is accordance with the laws of each state. There are many exemptions to keep us from being able to levy on the judgment debtor’s funds.

Property Seizure

Some states allow seizure and the sale of personal property by way of a Sheriff’s sale.

Automobile Repossession

This is generally a costly process. The vehicle must be owned free and clear by the judgment debtor.

All of the above options are done with the assistance of an officer of the court such as a sheriff, a marshal or any court appointed enforcement official. We cannot guarantee any monies will be recovered as a result of any of these methods. You are responsible for all fees associated with these methods and will be notified by our agency in advance for approval and a request for advanced fees. If the sheriff collects monies, a check is remitted to us. Each month we remit a check to you for any monies received during that month minus our collection fee. Our collection fee is 40% for post-judgment claims.

If a debtor sends payment to your office, you must notify us upon receipt of payment. You will be billed accordingly as per the Client Agreement.

There are times where collection efforts may be futile. You will be advised when all efforts have been made and the file will be closed.

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