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Privacy is important with medical debt collection. For this reason it important to hire a collection agency who understands HIPAA compliance. See HIPAA Compliance Information for Third Party Associates below on this page.

“I’ve had GREAT success working with Your Collection Solution. YCS is a pleasure to work with, and secured excellent results.”

Rebecca Newfield, DDS, Syosset, New York

Your Collection Solution, LLC understands the importance of your doctor-patient relationship. Our agency is an experienced, licensed and bonded third party collector who successfully handles medical and dental collection claims for many medical and dental practices. We offer a free HIPAA Third Party Business Associate Agreement for your convenience.

“I can’t imagine what my practice would be without your help. I’ve found your agency to be capable, fair and talented with recovering my assets. As one who recognizes business integrity, you can be sure I will recommend your services to others in need of collection.”

Donna Gould, CSW ACSW, Pittsford NY

Knowing Your Needs

Your practice builds upon referrals and a solid reputation to provide care to your patients. You must be able to focus on the care of your patients and not be burdened by collection calls. Outsourcing your collection matters to our agency will free up your time and your staff. Please be assured we treat your patients with the utmost professionalism as we know our efforts will reflect on your practice. Please remember, if we don’t collect, you don’t pay. Check out a few of our client testimonials for more information.

HIPAA Compliance Information for Third Party Associates –
a Basic Understanding of Covered Entities and Business Associates

You are known as a Covered Entity or ‘CE’ under the HIPAA Privacy Rule if the HIPAA Privacy Rule applies to your organization. If you send or transmit health information which is identifiable to another person or company who then uses or discloses that information to provide services on your behalf, then that company is known as your Business Associate (BA) under the HIPAA Privacy Rule. Visit Office for Civil Rights – HIPAA for additional information.

The HIPAA Privacy Rule

The HIPAA Privacy Rule states a contract or other arrangement between a Covered Entity and a Business Associate must meet certain requirements pertaining to the protection of Protected Health Information. These requirements are meant to ensure that a Business Associate will provide all appropriate and required safeguards to protect the integrity and privacy of the information entrusted to it by the Covered Entity. If you are a Covered Entity and we are processing claims or other health care transactions for you, then Your Collection Solution, LLC is your Business Associate.

If you are a Covered Entity and there is no existing contract between you and Your Collection Solution, LLC then we highly recommend opening, printing and reviewing our HIPAA Third Party Business Associate Agreement as soon as possible. There is no additional fee for this form or for its use.

How do I complete the HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA)?

  1. Click on the HIPAA Third Party Business Associate Agreement form link and print it. NOTE: This file opens in AdobeĀ® format; be patient, it may be slow to open. If the file does not open, you may need to download and install the free AdobeĀ® File Viewer first.
  2. Complete the last page and then sign the BAA. Your authorized representative must sign the BAA by hand.
  3. All signed BAA’s can be faxed to 585-385-1074 or scanned and emailed to our office.
  4. We will then sign and mail or fax you a copy.

FAQ’s for the HIPAA Business Associate Agreement

By executing this Business Associate Agreement, am I now HIPAA-compliant?

Unfortunately, this is only one requirement of many you have as a Covered Entity under HIPAA. By executing a HIPAA Third Party Business Associate Agreement, you are meeting the HIPAA Business Associate requirements of the HIPAA Privacy Rule for your relationship with your Collection Solution, L.L.C. As a Covered Entity, you will have many more requirements of the HIPAA Privacy Rule you will have to meet on your own.

Can you use my HIPAA Business Associate Agreement instead?

Our agreement meets all of the requirements of the HIPAA Privacy Rule for a third party collection agency. However, if you choose to use your own HIPAA Business Associate Agreement, we have established a $150 fee to offset our additional legal costs of reviewing each individual BAA.

If I sign your BAA, do you still need to sign my BAA as well?

Only one BAA is necessary.

More HIPAA Information

For more information on the definition of a Covered Entity and Business Associate refer to Subsection 160.103 of the HIPAA Privacy Final Rule. Information on the requirements of a BAA is contained in Subsections 164.502(e)(2) and 164.204(e). A copy of the HIPAA Privacy Final Rule can be downloaded at no charge at http://aspe.os.dhhs.gov/admnsimp/.

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