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We understand. It is not every day you hire a collection agency, so the decision to do so may seem difficult. Common thoughts are “I don’t want to make my customers angry or look like the bad guy”. Another thought is “How much will this cost? Is collecting this debt really worth it or should I just write it off?” All are valid points, but consider this first: if you choose not to pursue the debt, you recover nothing. Outsourcing the collection work saves you time, resources and money.

If we don’t collect, there is no fee. Your consultation is FREE and there are no up front costs or hidden fees. Our fee is contingent on collection of your accounts.

Let Your Collection Solution, LLC take away the burden of chasing bad debt while you get back to doing what you do best – taking care of your good paying customers.

The Collection Tour

Review Your Receivables

Review your past due receivables and identify all of your problem accounts. Gather information for each claim you are placing with us. Remember if your claims are under 120 days past due, we discount our fee to 28%. Be sure to keep a list of all claims being forwarded so that your staff is aware of which clients/patients have been placed with our agency. This will remind your staff to refer these folks to our agency should they call or forward a letter or payment.

Complete the Required Forms

When you are ready, go to Get Started! Place a Claim and read the quick instructions on that page. Print, (or save to your desktop), complete and sign the Client Agreement Form. You only need to do this once. We will keep your Client Agreement Form on file should you require assistance in the future. Next, print (or save to your desktop) and complete the Collection Placement Form for each claim you are placing with us. Be sure to provide us with any and all details available to you about each of the claims you are placing i.e. address, phone, place of employment, emergency contacts, etc.

Forward Your Claims

Fax or mail copies of all forms, any invoices, work orders, statements, receipts, and any other additional personal or professional information you have about the debtor along with a collection placement form for each claim.

If you wish to place several claims and currently use a spreadsheet or other database document containing the debtor records, we will accept that as well. We suggest contacting our office first at 1-866-497-1006 to be sure your file format will be acceptable.

Working the File

We begin the collection process by mailing a 30 Day Demand Letter to each debtor listed on the claim. If there are two names on an account, both will receive a demand letter. Commercial collection claims receive a 10 Day Demand letter. Normally the debtor is contacted a few days after the initial demand letter is mailed. We then try to work out payment arrangements. The debtor is also given the option to pay-by-phone or pay online at www.forgot2pay.com, a separate Web page devoted to secure payments. We accept debit and credit cards, checks by phone and savings account withdrawals. If a debtor still chooses not to cooperate we may make the recommendation to file a law suit. We use attorneys who provide their services to us on a contingent arrangement. You are responsible for filing fees.

  • Debtor pays balance in full within 30 days or as negotiated.
  • Debtor agrees to make monthly payments. Sets up an automatic deduction from their checking account.
  • Debtor avoids attempts to resolve and/or refuses to pay therefore making the next step consideration for legal action (with client approval).
  • With client approval, a law suit is filed. If a judgment is awarded to our client we attempt to levy on assets and garnish wages where state collection laws allow. See our Judgment Collection page for more judgment information.

This is a generalized outline of the debt collection process. Laws for New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania vary as will the collection process for each state. Contact Us today to talk about your individual collection needs.

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