When to Act

When to Place Your Claim

“I highly recommend YCS to any business that wants to collect. They are reliable, professional and efficient.”

Elizabeth E. Fraser, Administrative Assistant, Mr. Rooter Plumbing, Rochester NY

If an account is 90-120 days delinquent, you should initiate placement with our collection agency. By this point, you have made many attempts to bring the delinquency to the customer’s attention. You may have already sent out several statements or letters and made several phone calls. The debtor’s lack of response indicates either a lack of concern or a cash flow problem. In either case, a collection problem exists, and the account should be placed with our agency.

It Pays to Act Quickly

Debtors file for bankruptcy, they move, they lose their jobs, they divorce, are deceased, etc. There are also those who just get comfortable knowing they got away with not paying their bill. Fact: the older the debt, the less likely it will be collected. Claims placed within 90 to 120 days have a much higher rate of success. We suggest getting started as soon as possible.

Realistic Collection Goals

It is certainly ideal to have a claim collected fast. Early placements have higher success rates but there are many variables which may delay the process. These variables include loss of employment, divorce, bankruptcy, illness or disability, hardships, etc.

Experienced debt collection agencies employ patience and diligence while working to collect your claim. It is important to understand not all debts are collected immediately. Some debtors may not pay until they are threatened with litigation. The outcome is never guaranteed however each claim is given our utmost attention.

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