A potential, now current client called YCS a while ago because he “dug out” an old New York judgment and thought he would find an agency to help him collect it. He said he wasn’t sure what could be done because the judgment was 19 years old. In New York judgments are good for 20 years. I told him we would do everything we could to collect the judgment before it expired. I was really excited about the prospect of collecting this judgment for him because in addition to the judgment balance he was entitled to post judgment interest and in New York at that time the interest was (and currently is) 9% annually.

Within a week or so after the judgment was placed with YCS a place of employment was identified for the judgment debtor. I requested, on behalf of the client, that the Sheriff serve an income execution/wage garnishment upon the judgment debtor and ultimately his employer. Through this income execution/wage garnishment YCS collected the entire judgment plus 19 years worth of interest. Not only was the client ecstatic but so was I!!!! This resolution was proof that sometimes the best form of collection efforts is waiting until the “right” time arises. Things change minute by minute, which means something that may not be collectible today may be tomorrow. Timing and patience are key to this process.